5 Reasons Why KLH Beat Swestic
Kuala Lumpur Hunters and their performance at TLC Grand Finals against Swestic
Analisis | March 31, 2017 | By The Hound


Last weekend’s Legends Circuit proved a knee slapping good time, Prangin Mall in Penang was lively with people and the atmosphere was electric by it’s conclusion as Kuala Lumpur Hunters were crowned 4 time champion in a very dominant run against arch-rivals Swestic defeating them with a clean sweep of 3-0 in a best of five match that proved too much for Swestic. Looking back at the Grand Finals, let’s take in the 5 things we learned about Kuala Lumpur Hunters at The Legends Circuit Grand Finals.


  1. Arrhedge is a BEAST!

    Arrhedge (seated, in blue) setting up prior to their bout against Swestic
    Arrhedge proved to be a big influence in securing wins for KLH with Games 2 & 3 being highlights of his performance, Vladimir was his champion of choice and what made it amazing was how quick he made decisions and how precisely calculated his mechanics were, good understanding of the limitations of his champion was paramount towards him getting multiple kills in games 2 & 3 and a much needed MVP nod from me and Higgabes!

  2. Qaspiel’s early rotations is tilt inducing

    SnatcheR's exact reaction
    3 minutes into the game Qaspiel proved to be a nightmare for SnatcheR as early interactions proved detrimental towards the Jungler of Swestic, from camp steals to counter-ganks to straight up assassinations, SnatcheR was put behind significantly because of Qaspiel’s early game presence effectively “snatching” SnatcheR’s impact in the game, SnatcheR spent most of the game under level due to Qaspiel stealing camps and rotating aggressively!

  3. The Game 2 “Bipolar C04” Special

    C04 and Bipolar with an unorthodox bot lane duo
    One of the more oddball moments in the Grand Finals was the “Bipolar + C04 special” in the form of Camille and Kalista in the bottom lane, despite both C04 and Bipolar making a huge mistake in the early minutes of the game, Swestic failed to punish KLH with their lead. The team fight potential of Kalista’s Fate’s Call and Camille’s Hextech Ultimatum proved to be a wrecking ball for Swestic and was used in very dynamic and interesting ways!

  4. Macro plays are decent despite Veki leaving for HKE

    calculated like chess
    Overall macro was a concern when Ozoraveki announced his departure from Kuala Lumpur Hunters, because of the new line-up and the first time competing at a high level together, the new KLH worked hard to cover their tracks earlier in the split but managed to find their groove despite Veki’s shot calling being absent from the current line-up, communication and decision-making on the side of KLH has been improving tremendously and overall team mechanics of KLH has looked better than ever¬†

  5. Consistent improvement on all levels

    X = time Y = improvementFollowing Kuala Lumpur Hunters through the split has revealed a somewhat inconsistent early game with lower tier teams such as Monochrome Souls being able to give KLH a run for their money during the early group stages of the split. Despite this minor setback, Kuala Lumpur Hunters has taken the early game deficit and shown their versatility and adaptability by playing from behind and improving on all levels from micro to macro.

Kuala Lumpur Hunters [ From L to R - C04 (Marksmen), Qaspiel (JG), Bipolar (Support), Arrhedge (Mid), Shiro (Top) ]
With the Garena Premier League on the horizon for the Hunters, the biggest question is, “How will they fare against international opponents?” and with other teams like Bangkok Titans and Saigon Jokers having major roster changes another question that could be asked is, “Is this finally the time Kuala Lumpur Hunters brings gold to Malaysia?”

Garena Premier League 2017
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