Is This KLH’s Best Line Up?
The Hound takes a look at Kuala Lumpur Hunters and their current line up
Analisis | April 1, 2017 | By The Hound

Kuala Lumpur Hunters have been on a roll at The Legends Circuit Malaysia having beat their competition convincingly and dominantly in close to all aspects and manners of the game. With their victory at the TLC Grand Finals still fresh in the memories of Malaysian summoners, let’s take a look at their entire line up and gauge whether or not this is the best offering of KLH!

  1. Shiro (Top)

    Shiro has been a rather interesting pickup to replace 13Ghosts, if we take his last three champion picks from the Grand Finals we see Rumble, Renekton and Nautilus as his picks from Games 1 to 3 and very impactful plays focusing on lockdowns and teamfighting potential. Shiro also has shown to be very versatile in his style, capable of playing carry top lane champions such as Camille and Rengar (as seen earlier in the split) to add to the ever evolving style of Kuala Lumpur Hunters. His ability to be the main damage sponge of the champion and his prioritization of HVT (High Value Targets) has enabled KLH to rely on his ability to engage when it is deemed in their favor.

  2. Qaspiel (Jungle)

    The Kuala Lumpur Hunters jungler has been a mainstay of the team for quite sometime and is one of the more experienced players of the team (in terms of playing with KLH). Champion selection has shown a trend that is synonymous with Qaspiel and that is early aggression, objective steals, assassinations and high damage values in the jungle. Qaspiel is not known for playing tanky or utility focused champions in the jungle much more relying on high damage and good clear champions with mobility to avoid punishment when going for steals, Kha’Zix is a pick that has been recurring in the compositions of KLH and Qaspiel has done nothing but wonders to use the early game to secure advantages for his team. Qaspiel is one of the only few Malaysians to have made it to Challenger in the Korean server which speaks volumes to his skills as a player.

  3. ArrHedge (Mid)


    Coming in to replace a big gap left behind for OzoraVeki is Arrhedge, Veki brought stability to KLH with his shot calling and more calculated approach while Arrhedge can be painted as a wild card at times. Not shy to flash in the middle of the enemy team to deal damage as KLH converges to back him up has shown that Arrhedge is not shy to pull the trigger with pinpoint accuracy and laser focused calculations (walking away with 20 hp on many occasions after team fights) which can be said to be very polarizing compared to the very safe approach of Veki. This has been in favor of KLH as the team now plays around this and profit from it in big ways.

  4. C04 (Marksmen/ADC)

    C04 is a name known to the Malaysian League of Legends community, also one of the longer member of Kuala Lumpur Hunters, his last three picks for the Grand Finals Caitlyn, Kalista and Caitlyn again has shown that he values range and DEEPS (dps), positioning of C04 in the teamfights between Swestic that ensued revealed a theme, that C04 will stay outside and poke you every step of the way! Interestingly, the shift in the META from Lethality to damage per second auto attackers seem to favor C04 cause his ability to just punish opponents for bad positioning and to get ahead makes him a force to be reckoned with!

  5. Bipolar (Support)

    Before I get down to it, can I just say Bipolar wins the best hair award ever? Moving on!!! Bipolar is as his name states, is not only a name but a statement to his play style. Known for calling out some crazy plays and did anyone even see his KDA on Camille Support in Game 2 of the Grand Finals? I don’t know about you but that is a very spicy and innovative way to use Camille! Favoring utility supports and having the annoying ability to keep his marksmen alive while disabling the enemy is something that comes natural for Bipolar. Nami and Karma were some interesting picks but nothing beats the knee slapping good time that was his Camille and much to the entertainment of the casters am sure will see more Bipolar madness in the tournaments to come

Closing Thoughts ;
At the finals, The Hound was quick (and sneaky) enough to catch Crowe and asked him how he felt gunning towards the Garena Premier League, he did drop the hints of beating Saigon Jokers and Bangkok Titans in scrims with rather interesting but confidential picks. Judging from the line-up and big changes within the South East Asian Region for most professional teams heading to the Garena Premier League could this be the strongest KLH?

My answer would be yes! Kuala Lumpur Hunters may have finally found the balance and versatility needed with their current line up, some early game fixes and expansion of compositions may actually lead KLH and by extension Malaysia to GOLD!

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