Back to Basics: Ganks 101
Back to Basics is a series of articles to help mid to low ELO players grasp the mechanics required to climb the ladder. In this article, TinyTeemo teaches you the basics of ganks as a non-jungler: how to recieve ganks, how to respond to ganks, and how to predict the enemy jungler's movements.
Asas | April 2, 2017 | By TinyTeemo


Hello and welcome to Back to Basics, a series of articles meant to help you climb that Ranked ladder and in general improve your gameplay. Please take note that this series will be targeted at players who are at mid to low ELO (I consider Gold and lower to be mid to low elo). In this article, we’ll be looking at the top three things to know about ganks.

-How to receive a gank-

Receiving a gank is actually a skill that most players are not aware of. When a Jungler ganks a lane, it is a two man process involving the jungler and the laner. While the jungler gets into position, you should already be preparing your lane.

  • Deny vision to the enemy laner either with a Sweeping Lens or a Control Ward. This is the very first step to enabling a jungler to gank, without some commitment from you, there’s no incentive for a jungler to gank.
  • If your lane is pushed towards the enemy, shove the wave so that your minions crash into their turret. This way you will reset the wave, instead of depending on the enemy laner to push back.
  • If your lane is pushed in towards you, that’s great! Just wait for your jungler to get closer.
  • When your jungler arrives, engage the enemy before the jungler is forced to reveal himself. It is more likely for the enemy laner to pay attention to you instead of the minimap if they are dueling you.

-How to avoid ganks-

Avoiding ganks is something that you have to plan for, sometimes up to 3 to 4 minutes ahead of time. It is not something that you can respond to without any prior preparation (usually).

  • This one might be really obvious, but I should say it anyway: ward your lane.
  • If the enemy laner has a sudden change in behavior and positioning, this may signal that the enemy jungler is nearby. For example, playing passive when he was previously bullying you or suddenly engaging you when he was passively farming before this.
  • Invading the enemy jungle and putting a deep ward to get vision on the enemy jungler.


=Predicting enemy Jungler paths=

  • To predict the enemy jungler’s path, you need good map awareness to learn as much as you can when the enemy jungler is first spotted. You can tell alot by spotting your enemy jungler before the 5 minute mark.
  • Counting the enemy jungler CS: unlike laners, Junglers will get a set amount of CS. Remember that Krugs = 10 CS, Raptors = 5 CS, Wolves = 3 Cs.
  • For example, if the enemy jungler ganks top lane at around the 3 minute mark with double buffs and has 12 CS, we can tell that he got 2 CS from each buff and 10 CS from Krugs. That means if he is not visible, it is safe to assume that he would be clearing his bottom side jungle for the next two or so minutes



-Responding to a Gank-

Depending on the situation, there are three options for you when you are getting ganked.

  • You are not likely to survive, even if you Flash.
    • Delay them from killing you as much as possible to stall for time or waste the enemy jungler’s time.
    • If you think you have the damage go all-in and (hopefully) kill one of the enemy laners.


  • You can escape or juke.
    • Play it safe! The most important thing is to make sure you do not die.
    • Always retreat if you have the choice, it is better to live and stay in lane than to trade 1 for 1, as the enemy jungler can take the lane’s CS and maybe even push down a turret.
    • Run towards your closest ally! It is important not to panic and make sure you run in the right direction.


  • You are in complete control.
    • This is the best case scenario, you have either predicted or spotted the enemy jungler!
    • Waste the enemy jungler’s time by standing in a position where the enemy laner nor jungler can engage on you.
    • Instead of retreating immediately, stay in lane (while still maintaining some distance). This way, the enemy jungler thinks that you are unaware of their presence.

There’s alot more to understanding and utilizing ganks, but these are the basics to it as a non-jungler. I hope you learned something useful in this article.

Thanks for reading and good luck on the Rift,


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