Kalista/Camille Bot?
Pairing up The Spear of Vengeance and the Steel Shadow in the bot lane has proven interesting results
Strategi | April 5, 2017 | By The Hound

In the cancerous lanes of Summoner’s Rift, no lane is as stressful as the bot lane duo of the marksmen ADC and support. As the META (most effective tactics available) shifts from patch to patch, an interesting duo lane has been revealed to be a cancerous affair due to their specific interactions with one another and their extremely powerful level 6 power spikes. Kalista and Camille………………

Camille The Steel Shadow and Kalista The Spear of Vengeance
Kalista and Camille have proven to be a very lethal combination in the bot lane specifically because of how their abilities interact with one another, let’s look at the pros and cons this duo lane brings to the bot lane.


  • Kalista’s inert passive (Martial_Poise-Martial Poise) and Camille’s “E” ability (HookshotWall Dive-Hookshot/Wall Dive) provide insane mobility
  • Stacking damage with Kalista’s “E” ability (Rend-Rend) at mid to late game
  • Versatile and dynamic level 6 power spike with their ultimate “R” abilities (Fate's Call-Fate’s Call from Kalista and The Hextect Ultimatum-The Hextech Ultimatum from Camille)


  • Lack of early game damage and lack of harass
  • Not good against lane bullies coupled with strong crowd control lockdowns
  • Mid to Late game focused scaling

With the pros and cons out of the way, let’s take it back, mechanically, Kalista and Camille compliment one another in a variety of ways, their insane lockdown coupled with their mobility and damage can prove undoing for many summoners regardless of casual or professional.

Major League Gaming
At a professional level, teams would focus on building a team composition around this bot lane duo. Think a nice team of 2 tanks (one with good damage soaking potential and one off tank/bruiser), 1 control mage couple with the duo bot lane of Kalista & Camille. But due to the versatility of this combo and what it provides, it can fit an assortment of team comps.

Looking forward, for every game of League of Legends, there has to be certain WIN CONDITIONS that needs to be fulfilled in order to secure a more easier victory! Down below is just a short list of conditions to utilize this combo to it’s fullest potential.

Victory Conditions for Kalista/Camille Bot Lane

  • Early game ganks from the jungler or mid laner to offset the early game disadvantage
  • Building a team that revolves around lockdown and quick bursts of damage
  • Proper communication with other member of the team when coordinating engages
  • Counter engage and fighting while kiting back in case an engage falls through

Hopefully with this brief view of Kalista and Camille will boost up your win rates dear summoners! Remember to always ward, communicate and never say mean things about anyone’s mother or father! Good Luck and Git Gud and see all of you on the Rift!


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