I’ll see you, at LCU
Time for a migration!
Development | April 7, 2017 | By Aiman Sabri

Whats up all… Hopefully everyone’s having a great week so far.

I got something to share with ya’ll…. word on the street is

“We gotta start migrating to LCU real soon”
(League Client Update)


Truth be told many people actually know about this already but none of us are sure about when the exact date will be. Well, my best guess is that it will be less than 3 months so why not start the migration now. The new client is far more interesting yeah, with huge advancements in its graphics and an increase in how friendly it is to users.

“Out with the old, in with the new”

Look, the best thing about LCU so far is the fact that you can use PRACTICE TOOL. This enables you to train all the champions that you have so far.. For example, you may not want to use Zed for the first time in normal games cos your basically gonna get owned. Zed is an alright champion to use but an almost impossible champion to master. When I say master, I am referencing to your ability to play Zed like Faker. Do you see what I mean?

So how does Practice Tool help? It allows you to time your attacks, see your damage output, train weird combos and most importantly plan your entire gameplay. These are things which people may sometime overlook because you shrug it off as something totally doable. However, from my perspective, what differentiates a true pro and an average player isn’t the amount of kills or assists that they can do or even if you win or lose a game, what truly differentiates us from them is….. the milliseconds in reaction time. That’s what you all need to get drilled into your head. Truly knowing the champion you’re using and their abilities in battle is what differentiates the pros and the noobs.


I don’t know about you guys but the profile is pretty cool right. The display is actually far more superior than the old with better presentation of information.  Yes, the fact that your best champ is used for your background  is just awesome hahahaah. You no longer have to put your fav champion as your cover photo on Facebook. (look below)


Look, at the end of the day right, we all know the old client is going to get shut down soon, then why not start moving there now rather than when your forced to? Indeed its true that human nature tells us to resist change but does it apply to all things in life? This is League of Legends, a game that we all love to play and are passionate about. So let’s go guys… lets migrate to LCU and start enjoying the new features it offers!


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