League And Relationships
Finding the balance between your love life and League of Legends
Panas | April 7, 2017 | By The Hound

Relationship difficulties

Being a shoutcaster and a League of Legends Malaysia community member has exposed me to numerous members of the community, some have become more than just ranked que partners and evolved into strong friendships. Numerous members within the community have asked my opinion when it comes to love and League (for some odd reason, I myself not much of an expert) but I’m not the type to not share my own unique experiences!

So today, the topic is League and Relationships………..

relationships and the balance needed
For the most part, lots of summoners practice the not picking up the phone” or blatantly ignoring the better half” because of the nature of the game (no pauses or breaks for the duration of the entire game upon entering Summoner’s Rift) and because of this, lots of couples fail to communicate and when communication is lacking (just like in-game) you end up on the tilt train not just from losing your game but also the emotional backlash that comes from your partner.

all aboard the tilt train!
The question you may be asking is, how do I make my partner understand?

clear communication with your partner is key to balancing League and relationships
The most simplest way to balance it all out is making sure you are clear with your partner and his/her needs are fulfilled. Balance is key when it comes to this! You and your partner have got to meed somewhere in the middle with compromise and understanding. Of course it is a see-saw when it comes to handling another person so making sure you give enough attention towards your partner is paramount to having a happy relationship and a healthy amount of League time.

Of course it is easier said then done when it comes to execution! Most partners would look at League as a waste of time and most adults would think so as well, BUT! if you show your partner that you’re able to balance out a healthy developing relationship, career/studies and a healthy lifestyle then I guarantee you that your partner will be understanding.

Most partners just want what is best for you and while to some people, it may seem annoying to have someone on your tail end reminding you to buck up, it is imperative to know that which is needed and it’s balance.

So remember summoners, be responsible adults and don’t go MIA (missing in action) when your partner calls, instead, return the text or give a short call after your game to show your partner the love and that you actually give a hoot! give your partner a call and show the love!

Disclaimer ; This piece is the sole opinion of the writer and does not reflect on all relationships, results may vary and at the end, it all depends on the context of the situation


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