OzoraVeki in HKE!
TinyTeemo interviews ex-KLH member, OzoraVeki, about his experience playing in Taiwan under the HongKongEsports banner as "HKE Veki".
Featured | April 8, 2017 | By TinyTeemo

Our locally born and bred League of Legends pro player OzoraVeki has recently been shipped of to Taiwan to join HKE. Your friendly neighbourhood TinyTeemo has decided to contact him to get a quick interview about this sensational event!

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Firstly, I would like to ask whether you were approached by HKE or if you had applied to join them? What was your initial reaction when they invited/accepted you into the team?

I was approached by HKE’s new assistant coach, Nelson, and I was really interested to play in LMS and was really happy when I passed the trial to join the team.


As it stands, you’re the third player to play outside of SEA and the first player to come from Malaysia. Has there been any pressure in living up to that fact?

As a SEA player, you actually take up an import slot, so there is always this extra pressure for you to perform because you are actually competing with the Koreans for your slot.


As a new member to HKE, was there any difficulties in finding your place in the team?

When I joined HKE , I did have a problem finding my place in the team. Because I came from a wildcard region, and didn’t have a higher rank in KR ladder compared to them, I needed to earn their respect. In contrast to my time in KLH, my teammates already respect and trust me alot, which makes things much easier and also makes you feel like you are appreciated. My teammates are friendly people though so it wasn’t really that hard for me , but I STILL miss my teammates in KLH alot.


How close are you with your teammates outside of the game? In particular, your relationship with your ADC, HKE GodKwai?

I think I am fine with everyone in the team. MapleSnow said some really nice words to me and made me feel at home. Playing with GodKwai always makes me laugh because he is too funny xD, so I guess I am closest to him because we practice together alot. When i first reached, Kuku was the one who treat me the best as he brought me out for a movie and treated me food and stuff (was around 1k+NTD as well). We also duo alot before I got the starter spot so I am really thankful to him as well.

(TinyTeemo: In case you’re curious, 1000 New Taiwan Dollars is about 146 Malaysian Ringgit!)


Are you happy with you and your team’s performance so far in the LMS? How are you feeling about your upcoming match with TW Flash Wolves?

I am not satisfied with my performance as I still have much to learn and improve. We didn’t make playoffs as well which HKE always used to do. FW is on another level of play right now in LMS, they are a world class team so I will try my best to learn as much as I can from them. It would be really nice to see if we can take a game or 2 off them.


How are you coping with the current meta so far and what is your favorite support champion?

The current meta is in my favor because most of the support champions are mage champions. My favorite champion should be Lulu right now since i made a big play with her and I am very used to playing that champion because she was meta in mid lane as well.


How are you enjoying your stay in Taiwan? Any interesting experiences that you’d like to share with us?

I don’t really go out often so I don’t really know much about Taiwan. The HKE gaming house is really comfortable tho so i enjoy staying inside as well. The biggest difference in experience is in Malaysia we have 24hours MAMAK but if u want supper in Taiwan there is ONLY mcdonald. I eat mcdonald almost everyday because of that xD


Before we end the interview, do you have any shoutouts or people that you’d like to thank?

Thanks to everyone in Malaysia who still supports me even though I am not in Malaysia anymore. I am really grateful to have you guys because you guys are the one who motivate me and fuel me with drive whenever I feel tired and stressed. I definitely won’t be able to cope with this stressful competition without the support from you guys!

Wow, I never really thought about import slots that way. When you think about it, it is true: Veki has to be as good as, or better, than other Korean players to be considered for an import slot!

Anyways, that’s all folks. I hope you all enjoyed this in-depth look behind the scenes with our beloved OzoraVeki!



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