Support, The Unsung Heroes
Love your supports! They work so hard and no one thanks them. I'm TinyTeemo and this has been a public service announcement telling you to love your supports <3
Lain | April 8, 2017 | By TinyTeemo

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I have to say, Supports in League of Legends have it HARD. They are the least wanted role during champion select and during the game, they are almost always blamed if the bottom lane loses and never given recognition if the bottom lane wins. At lower ELOs it’s even worse: warding doesn’t help because your teammates don’t react to the minimap, your big plays are wasted because no one can react quickly enough to follow up and when your ADC dies, you get blamed because “noob support no help”.

If you’re a Support main and you’re getting a little down after reading all this: Never fear! TinyTeemo has got your back. Pick yourself right up with these two¬†videos!


We Are The Supports by Instalok

For everyone out there, I’d like to point out that supporting is not an easy job. Let me just list out the things that a support has to do, typically.

  • warding or dewarding according to upcoming objectives
  • invading for vision on the enemy camps to scout for information
  • looking out on the minimap
  • pinging and spamming Danger and Back when someone is coming down to gank you (cause ADC is too focused on farming)
  • keeping track of enemy summoner cooldowns
  • keeping track of your ADC
  • keeping track of the enemy ADC and Support
  • keeping your ADC alive
  • setting up so that bottom lane can kill the enemy laner(s)
  • harrassing the enemy ADC and Support
  • positioning
  • sacrificing themselves to save another teammate

As you can see, supporting can get pretty hard, especially since they rely on their teammates since they don’t have the damage output to influence a game themselves (typically, that is. Annie, Zyra and Lux Supports, I know you exist)

So, to everyone out there, can we get a “gj” in the chat whenever your support does their job? Thank your Soraka when she roams into the enemy jungle to get your team a deep ward. Thank your Leona for burning her flash to block that Caitlyn ult. Thank your Blitzcrank for landing his hooks. Thank your Tahm Kench or Thresh for getting you out of a sticky situation!

Support Valentines Card

Instead of dedicating one day for it, everyday should be Support Appreciation Day.


I myself am a Support Main but because I’m trying to climb, I’ve been only playing Jungle lately. So, again, I’d like to thank all the people who mains Support and takes care of bottom lane for me <3



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