Countering Galio!
Surely there's a way to counter this colossal pain!
Strategi | April 9, 2017 | By Korra



The Colossus of Demacia has been making his heroic entrance left, right and center in all sorts of elo ranked in the Summoner’s Rift since his descent in the last patch. The rework of Galio sees the curious creature transform from a non-threatening soft lane pick to a destructive team fight-driven champion. He can be seen from all around to be picked for Mid, Top, Jungle and even as a Support. More than a Carry role, Galio is the pillar that supports the team to victory, an undeniable fact when opponents face his nukes out of nowhere.

So how does one (more so for us who are struggling in the lower elo) prepare to face a Galio in combat? This writer here shall provide an all-around few tips that could save our petty souls from being smashed by this tanky giant.





The bane of all team fights is when you are chasing their out of position carries and all of a sudden- BOOM! A majestic Hero’s Entrance Galio_R smashes in to save (ruin) the day. So what must we do?

  1. 1) Make sure to keep farming.

    The highest probability to see a Galio is in Top lane. That’s where they’ll farm to be the eventual tanker of their team fights but do not be fooled- it is not necessarily true that they’ll be building pure tank oh no. Expect a series of semi-AP tank that would cause a huge amount of annoyance when you are trying to farm and having to deal with his Winds of War galio-winds-of-war. While his skill might deal a bit of damage but worry not and focus on your farming. It is vital to ensure that your farm surpasses or is at least at the same amount of creep count as the enemy Galio. Resist the urge to poke if you’re not playing a particularly skill spamming champion like Camille camille as it just sidetracks you from your goal of completing your items first. Once your items match up decently and you get to your level 6, it is time to start engaging as much as possible to deny him from farming.

  2. 2) Ensure your Champion picks when facing Galio in lane.

  3. You don’t want to be counter-picking yourself and having the entire team flaming your poor performance once it hits mid game. Champion picks like Nautilus nautilus and Rumble rumble are a huge no-no. Though they are popular picks in the professional scene such as the LCS and the LCK, they do not perform as well as they should be against a Galio. It is due to Galio’s standard build of getting Magic Resist items that scales together with his passive, Colossal Smash Galio_passive and Shield of Durand Galio_W (Oh, and let’s not forget his Heroic Entrance now shall we?). The higher his Magic Resist goes, the lower chances you have in actually pressuring or killing him in a one-on-one situation.
  4. So pick the right champs! Although I mentioned above that poking a Galio is basically a distraction from farming, it is not entirely useless. Camille and Lulu lulu works wonders in delivering some early fly-like annoyance to a Galio desperate for some much-needed early CS. If you’re thinking of playing a tanky top, ignore the poking advice and head back to advice number 1. As a tank you should only decide to poke or engage a Galio when your Jungler is in the vicinity.

  5. 3) Be vigilant and always on the move.

  6. The pattern of Galio is that it is slow-moving and requires the usage of Justice Punch Galio_E to close the gap between Champions. A free tip- Galio has a windup before performing his E. At the right moment you can simply move aside to avoid the impact and this is where mobile Champions shine as you can simple veer to the side to dodge their imminent charge. So don’t get lazy or you’ll pay the price of getting taunted into a gank! Another thing to note is that Galio can’t charge pass terrains or walls so play around the map a little, especially when you’re pushing deep into the enemy side.

  7. 4) Don’t, and I mean don’t ever, clump together in a team fight!

  8. This is the most vital advice I can give you; don’t be too close to one another when setting up for a team fight. You’ve seen the picture above- get too close and the tides might turn against you instead. His Hero’s Entrance is especially deadly once you’re caught in it’s range, much more so when your AD and AP carry is in that very circle. The best situation is to force the Galio to commit only to your front-liners with your ranged carries safely at the back and poking.

All-in-all a Galio is a chore to deal with in whichever lane he’s in. Always be on constant vigilance and remember to always stay positive in all situations. This writer’s opinion is to ensure that his fellow Bronze-Silver-Gold friends are always ready and in the know on the types of Galio plays avail and to one day escape elo hell. Happy playing!

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