LeBlanc, still a valid mid?
The deceiver, seductress and charmer. Has the nerfs finally brought the Queen of Mid lane to her knees?
Analisis | April 10, 2017 | By Korra



It is without a doubt that LeBlanc is one of the most prominent Mid-laners off all times. One of the deadliest Champions once she snowballs, she is a tricky Mid Champion to square off against and even harder to master. However since the latest hit that nerfed her in patch 7.5, various views and whispers of LeBlanc plummeting in the higher-tiered elo fights are seen and heard and here’s what the latest gossips on what we’ve got so far!

According to champion.gg, LeBlanc dropped a sizable win rate ratio from it’s usual tier percentage of 52.37% (for Diamond and above) to 43.26% during patch 7.5 however she has since got herself back up to 52.05% in recent times. The common factor lies in the fact that a lot of higher-tiered players are now adapting to her nerf (especially to her W, Distortion) and plays around her burst damage still. Whist her one shot burst chance has now decreased, players adopted the playstyle of accumulating damage slowly, much like KT Rolster’s PawN, who is famous for his LeBlanc plays.



leblanc owned

Based on this writer’s experience and research LeBlanc faces a horde of problems to scale (and even farm off) in lane. The problem lies with the rise of Assassins in Season 7 that we see reworks from Champions such as Katarina and Talon. The Old LeBlanc is one used to deal a set of one-hit combo to smite her enemies but the nerf hits her skills such as herleblanc-distortion W- Distortion‘s return speed and even the amount of damage deal for her leblanc-shatter-orb Q- Shatter Orb. Simply put, she is now much slower in comparison to any other assassins available in League meta (minus Evelynn).

However despite the setback and nerf hits, this writer believes she is still in fact, a devastating and relevant Mid laner. As the Queen of Mid Lane, LeBlanc focuses more on early farming and less on poking in Season 7. Players learn to adapt to the hits received on her skill sets and instead focus on what LeBlanc does best- bursting the squishy carries in late game. As it is still popular in League to pick AD Champions in Mid lane to counter most squishy AP champs, LeBlanc has the perfect tool kits to allow her to engage and disengage at her own comfort.

thunderlords Thunderlord’s Decree has always been a staple in any LeBlanc builds, owing to the fact that it scales off 10% off of LeBlanc’s AP. This coupled with Shatter Orb‘s inner skill causes quite a hefty damage to unwary foes. To note, KT’s PawN is known to maximize LeBlanc’s Distortion first and many pro players adopted a similar stance. It is to decrease the cooldown time of her gap closer-escape mechanism, allowing LeBlanc to be more mobile as the match gets further into late game.

leblanc distortion jump

As an assassin, mobility is of utmost importance as this particular skill is comparable to Katarina’s Shunpo E- Shunpo and Talon’s Assassin's_Path Assassin’s Path. Another thing to note is her high damage output to simply burst any carries or take a chunk out of the tank’s HP. Her combo of Q and auto-attack or another skill allows for more damage to be dealt, simply by waiting around LeBlanc can cause some major disruption in the enemy team’s timing to initiate a team fight when their carries are picked off by her.

To be frank, she is a major all-rounder that is still a decent pick in today’s meta line-up. She handles herself well in any situation in the hands of a capable player and can pick-off against most other Mid laners. The most troublesome part for the enemy team is that she can take kills off out of nowhere, making it hard to pinpoint exactly when is the right time to make a major gameplay in any situations. It also helps to know that she isn’t entirely useless in team fights, as she can viciously backstab the vulnerable carries while their tanks are distracted in the front lines.

To convince you that LeBlanc is indeed still prevalent in today’s Mid meta, here is a short video on How KT PawN handles the elusive deceiver in the LCK. Happy gaming Summoners!




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