GPL: KLH Victorious In Their First Game
Kuala Lumpur Hunters... The Sleeping Tiger
Antarabangsa | April 12, 2017 | By abang dots

KLH Win 1st Game

Moments ago, viewers were shown a hint at how strong the Kuala Lumpur Hunters roster truly is. Though in Malaysia we considered them the best but what happened moments ago showed how potent this the team truly is on the international stage.

With strong performances in the team all around, could this be the year… Could this truly be the year team Kuala Lumpur Hunters from Malaysia surpass their past performance and become champions of GPL 2017!!

KLH Win 1st Game 1

Quick Summary

Mid-Arrhedge (Syndra) – Great performance for the talented mid laner. He dominated his lane and quickly used his advantage to secure kills without even giving up a single death

Jungle-Qaspiel (Lee Sin) – Superb rotation and kill set up for his team. Qaspiel played a key role in teamfights which enabled his team to snowball out of control

Top-Shiro (Renekton) – This guy was a beast! Making plays after plays with his sudden engagement into the backline of the enemy. ┬áSuperb start!

KLH Win 1st Game




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