Solid Champion Picks
Solid Picks!
Aktiviti | April 12, 2017 | By abang dots

I think everyone realizes that now there are just champions which are just solid in almost all the meta. When I say solid, i’m talking about champions that are just ridiculously strong and you just can’t go wrong with by just picking these guys up. Here’s a list of 3 champions which i believe are solid all round.



This guy, is simply amazing. He’s strong early…. mid….. late. With the ability to go range and melee with different set of abilities, this guy is basically one of my go to picks if all else fails for top or mid if necessary.  Many thought that with the nerf to lethality, that Jayce would no longer be viable, however it looks like Jayce isn’t backing down from the spotlight.

With huge damage potential and a some-what tanky champion that he already is. Jayce is for sure a champion you can’t go wrong with.  He is also an easy champion to use but to fully master this man with the hammer, you have to put in some serious play time with this guy if you want to master him.



Well this guy is probably one of the easiest champions to play with. He’s got a big blade, super-hard to kill and all you gotta do is tank for your team while they destroy the opponent. Tryndamere is fun to play because of his ult, this ult enables you to survive much longer in team fights but at the same time dish out as much damage as possible. Though nowadays people don’t play him that much, but Tryndamere is very very fun to play with.

All you gotta do is just farm a lil bit and jump into the enemy lines. You’re bound to die but at the very least you held the enemy a good extra 5 seconds from engaging into your backline.



You can’t go wrong with Thresh as a support.  He’s just really really solid especially if you have a good ADC paired up with him. Shield, Hook, Knockback and an ulti that can trap your opponents inside. What’s not to like about this guy? This shinigami-wannabe is a solid support as he doesn’t need much items to be useful. The drawback is that the guy playing this champ, has to have a some sense of skill. Don’t be missing all your hooks please… Hahahaah




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