Utilizing Duo Queue in Lower Elo Ranked
We're here, and we're doing all we can to rise up from the legendary Elo Hell :D
Asas | April 13, 2017 | By Korra

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Let’s face it; it’s already the halfway point for League’s season 7 ranked system and the majority of us are still in the Bronze-Silver-Gold Elo (otherwise known as Elo Hell). There are many excuses of course; bad luck, cruddy teammates, leavers and AFK-ers, lag, and many more that we’ve heard over the ages. Well what if you’re not the only ones stuck in this disadvantageous position? What if you have a friend who is willing to crawl themselves up the muddy terrain together with you? Bros forever, even in Ranked Duo Queue. Here’s how you can prepare yourself for the upcoming battles, both mentally and physically.

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So what do we know about Elo Hell? It’s basically any ranked tier below Platinum, where players are supposedly just plain bad in either mechanics or attitude or both. It’s an unwritten terrain of course since not all players stuck in said Elo Hell are bad, hey it’s just a series of bad luck right? To top it all off, what better way to leave that hell behind than together with your mate? Your duo queue partner.

Keep up the happy thoughts!

Now here’s where we utilize the duo queue system! First of all put all those negative thoughts such as “We both suck anyways so it won’t make a difference…” and so on out the window! Having a partner in League games is especially advantageous and have a bigger impact in crucial gameplay moments. When utilizing the duo queue, it is imperative to have a positive mindset (no duh) when starting your conquest. Coupled with a positive attitude, you can definitely perform better as a player and a team. This is no joke, any team will lose 90% of the time if all they do is flame each other. What’s important is to ignore and deafen out the cries of the toxic players and focus on your own happy thoughts. Having a duo partner helps to keep you both calm (unless you both take the bait of flaming back which usually means…gg).


Duo queue partners have the luxury of communicating faster with one another. Utilize communication tools such as GTalk or even Skype when playing away from each other. Speaking relays information faster than typing, and while you still have to type to communicate with the other teammates you would have already stated the objectives of your game with your duo partner. Don’t stay quiet when you’re in a conversation room! That defeats the purpose of duo questing and you’d just be as oblivious as the rest of your teammates when there is just silence in the air!

Know your roles!

The most apt example of typical duo partners is that they will always pick bot lane. Supposedly playing together as an AD Carry and Support allows you to perform better as a team. Despite this being a good strategy (to own bot lane as a duo) but there is always a risk of losing the game because…well because the other lanes are terrible. So what do you do? You break up. Not as duo partners of course, but you divide and conquer. If you guys have other lanes which you can perform better at then it is always a good idea to play those roles. It doesn’t make a difference if only your one lane at Bot is winning, try to gauge your own skill level and be proactive is as many lanes as possible.

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Look after each other!

It is as it sounds; always look out for one another. If you can’t ping fast enough you can always shout, whatever it is that you do always keep an eye on your own lane as well as your partner’s from time to time. Notify the champions missing from lane or if you spotted the enemy Jungler in your partner’s vicinity. Alertness could well save your laning life from a whole lot of pain.

Champion Select

One of the beauties and critical moments of duo queue; champion bans. There is always a chance either or both of you are able to pick the bans for your team and here’s where you can decide on what champs that you find critical to steer away from the game. Do take note of what’s in and what’s meta as they are the Champions you often find troublesome to fight. Another thing to take note of is to not always ban a Champion YOU find hard to face, but on a team scale if it is relevant to be banned for YOUR team.


All-in-all, duo queue is a gold mine if you’re willing to tough it out with a mate. Elo Hell might seem like an insanely tough challenge to bat but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day y’know? Always keep up that positiv mindset and if you’re having difficulties or doubts of ever leaving said elo rank, always remember your duo partner is there to toughen you up and have you ready for the next showdown in Summoner’s Rift.

Happy gaming Summoners!

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