Caitlyn- Still a solid AD?
The Sheriff of Piltover, how well is she faring in the current meta?
Strategi | April 18, 2017 | By Korra


The Sheriff or Piltover, Caitlyn is a prominent key figure for the AD Carry role. One of the oldest champs in League of Legends, Caitlyn has undergone major changes since her appearance in Summoner’s Rift. Now with the many additions to the AD carry role (and some that dared to trespass into said role like Kennen Kennen and Ziggs Ziggs), is Caitlyn still able to hold up and tussle with the rest of the flock? This writer here is up and ready to provide with their own opinions and point of view for how well can the Sheriff survive in the Bot Lane.


caitlyn farming


Getting CS is a challenge for any AD Carry, they have to contend with the enemy Support that will constantly poke them when they get nearby and also be wary of the Jungler if they are pushing too deep into enemy territory. That is why what’s vital for them is Attack Range in Early game. The one huge advantage that Caitlyn has over every other carries is her overwhelming attack range of 650 from the get-go. This allows her a mostly secure farming sequence where she could avoid engaging in risky confrontations against aggressive early bot-laners such as a Draven Draven and Zyra Zyra duo. That advantage also allows her to poke from afar, while focusing on her own CS she can disrupt the enemy AD from getting too comfortable being in range of her Auto Attacks.

Skills Set

Caitlyn has a wide range of basic tool kit that allows her to engage into enemies either solo or in team fights. Caitlyn’s Q- Piltover Peacemaker CaitlynPiltoverPeacemaker is her sole AD damage skill aside from her Ultimate, and mainly used to either farm a line of minions with low health or to attack the enemies. What makes it great is that you can use it to do both, consequently farming while poking the enemy team.

In recent game meta we can actually see players in top Ranked elo maximizing her W- Yordle Snare Trap CaitlynYordleTrap first. They play around it’s cooldown reset and focus more on enabling Headshot CaitlynHeadshot as much as possible. While revolving around her passive proc, Caitlyn players focus on a combo from her E- 90 Caliber Net CaitlynEntrapment into her W for her Auto Attacks.

The final kicker is her Ultimate- Ace in the Hole CaitlynAceintheHole. Unlike the good old days where she can practically ulti out of nowhere to unsuspecting low health victims, Caitlyn must now properly position herself to ensure she hits the mark (with no pesky tanks in between the target and the bullet). While this may seem lackluster, it’s a definite plus on any AD champ to have a kill-fire shot skill such as this.


Escape Mechanism

An important tool for any AD champs. With the rise of Assassin units with their rebuff as well as gap closers such as Rengar Rengar, escape mechanism is a vital skill set necessary to survive and counter ganks. Caitlyn’s E does the trick well enough to sustain herself at a comfortable distance between the safety of her allied turrets and the enemy zone.

c9 caitlyn

All-in-all Caitlyn remains as a very formidable yet flexible AD pick for ranked queue. She has the array of skill set and playstyle that anyone can easily get used to and a very quick farming monster once she gets into lane. Summoners can be confident in picking Caitlyn in any game as she might not have any flashy moves to compete with the more recent AD Carries yet can still show them off in the hands of a magnificent player. Happy gaming Summoners!

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