GPL, KLH and The Art of Scraping Your Knees
The dream for all Malaysian Summoners was but a dream in a semi-finals clash against Gigabyte Marines
Antarabangsa | April 18, 2017 | By The Hound

Post Semi-Finals KLH
The Semi-Finals of the Garena Premier League is over and the Hunters left themselves and many followers, fans and supporters frustrated once again. Being on the cusp of greatness, it slipped through their fingers as Gigabyte Marines was just too quick in shutting down each and every Hunter (effectively making them “Hunted“) at every step and turn with quick rotations and impressive counter attack strategies.



With that out of the way, “the dream” was to see the Hunters go 3 – 0 against Gigabyte Marines from Vietnam.  A prominent and very outspoken figure within the professional League of Legends community can be quoted on Facebook with a status update saying “I want to live in a timeline that a Malaysia team can beat Vietnam team 3:0 , lets do it.” Showing that the Vietnamese top League of Legends team Gigabyte Marines are no easy challenge.

Gigabyte Marines
The gist of Gigabyte Marines vs Kuala Lumpur Hunters at GPL shortened for quick digestion is………………….

Gigabyte Marines are just on a different level than Kuala Lumpur Hunters at this current moment in this current META. Without discrediting the Hunters own hard work, sacrifice and dedication, Gigabyte Marines downright outplayed the Hunters in a way that was akin to savage beatdown.

However, the spirit of the Hunters are strong, early on, hope was within their fingertips as the Hunters went 2-0 in the first 2 games of the best of 5 series. It seemed to be a dream come true as we saw the colours of Malaysia flying high on the seat of the Grand Finalist to duel at the Finals. However, dreams have a nasty habit of turning to nightmares………………………….

Game 3 onwards, Gigabyte Marines seem to have turned on the juice, call it a steroid of the gameplay mechanics and took the fight to the Hunters and beat them savagely on almost every aspect, from drafting, planning right up to execution, everything was well planned coming in from the Gigabyte Marines.

There was some noticeable cringes coming from some of the Hunters player-cams and of course, professional as they are, they took their loss, disappointed as they may be, they took it professionally.

I said it once, I am one of the most critical casters when it comes to many things about the Hunters team, I was and still am, convinced that the Kuala Lumpur Hunters are on the verge of international greatness but the question remains the same, how many more disappointments will we take as fans and supporters before those tears of sadness are turned into tears of joy and laughter to see a Malaysian team hoist an international trophy?

Only time will tell………………………………

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