Winners of MYCL Host Search
A great community event hosted by Garena Malaysia.
Aktiviti | April 21, 2017 | By abang dots

 MYCL HostMYCL Host Search Finalists

Ladies and Gentlemen, a few weeks back, we received more than 50 applications for the MYCL Host Search event.  Applicants were from all over Malaysia and we also had some international students applying for the role.

With all that in mind, the task was then to filter through all the videos we received where applicants then introduced themselves for 1 minute (many went over 3 minutes). We’re not complaining, it just goes to show that many in the LoL community really wanted to be a part of MYCL and also the eSports industry in Malaysia.

The Interview Process

After going through all the candidates, we then shortlisted it to a total of 7 candidates who showed the most promise and talent. These candidates were called in to the Garena Office at Gardens and there the interview process began.
The judges were from Garena, DuniaLoL and last but not least Astro eGG!

MYCL host 1Candidates were called in for a short brief before their individual interview process.

We tried making the interview as relaxed as possible and basically did not want it to be so formal. Candidates were called in one by one and then the judges started having their fun.

Question 1: Introduce yourself (Tell us about you)
-Lets start with the easy question first.
-Let’s get everyone comfortable and then we hit them with serious questions

Question 2: How would you conduct the opening ceremony of MYCL?
-Trying to figure out their view and take on MYCL.
-Did they do their homework before trying to become a host?

Question 3: Imagine there was suddenly a technical issue during MYCL, how would you as a host entertain the crowd?
-Let’s see how creative these guys are.
-Let’s see how they spin this

Question 4: How would you conduct the closing ceremony of MYCL?
-Trying to figure out their view and take on MYCL.
-Did they do their homework before trying to become a host?

Question 5: Sell me this object (Apple, Bottle, Shoe, Phone)
-Are these guys and girls creative?
-Can they convince the judges with their answer?

Question 6: Random Questions (Why is the sky blue, What’s a unicorn, Why is the carrot red, Ask her out on a date)
-Let’s see their sense of humor
-How composed are they when handling a weird situation


Gidion 1

Gideon Khew Wei Yung (Gideon)
    Age: 20
    Institute: Sunway University
Area of Study: Bachelor in Communication
Residence: KL/Selangor

Allen (2)

Ong Yih Wei (Allen)
Age: 19
Institute: Han Chiang College
Area of Study: Diploma in Broadcast Journalism
Residence: Penang

Out of the 7 candidates, Allen and Gideon were chosen.(WHY?) They showed great energy, good language command, awesome sense of humor and both showed the most promise. To those that didn’t make the cut, thanks for trying out and we hope to see you guys again if Garena holds these kind of events.

Everyone was super awesome and we from DuniaLoL hope to see them again in the eSports industry.

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