Gigabyte Marines, Early Game Advantages and Clean Sweeps
Gigabyte Marines from Vietnam flexes their muscles in a dominating 3-0 sweep against Ascension Gaming from Thailand
Antarabangsa | April 25, 2017 | By The Hound

With the dust settling from the Garena Premier League, the Vietnamese team of Gigabyte Marines have proven that the Vietnamese region for League of Legends is a strong one and dominant one with a highlight reel 3-0 sweep over Thailand’s Ascension Gaming leaving the Thai’s in tears and in the dust as they dispatched them with ease at every single turn. So how did Gigabyte Marines (from now on referred to as GAM) defeat Ascension Gaming (ASC)?

*Disclaimer ; I’m not picking apart ASC team comp and comparing it to GAM because if I did then this article would be super long and complicated, this is just the gist of it for easy digestion

Let’s take a look at the drafts from Game 1, 2 and 3 between GAM and ASC ;

Game 1 Draft
The first game between ASC (Blue Side) & GAM (Red Side) shows that GAM had variety in terms of damage across the board (DPS & Kite Potential = Ashe, Burst = Syndra, AOE & Area Denial = Zyra, Frontline Diver/Bruiser = Renekton, Dive Potential = Elise)

A running theme coming in from GAM is their quick rotation and their abuse of the early game advantages. As seen in the first game, there were interesting interactions between all member of each lane with their jungler. Pressure and invades ensured Levi could setup the victory conditions needed for GAM to win (watching Optimus burst people with Syndra’s Unleashed Power is a thing of tilt inducing tears my dear summoners)

Using their team composition to the best of their potential, GAM stomped ASC in Game 1 with ease and proceed to Game 2 with brimming confidence.

MVP of Game 1 ; Levi on Elise with a KDA of 6 kills, 1 death and 6 assists

Moving on to Game 2……………

Game 2 Draft
As game 2 drafting phase starts, bans were pretty standard all around with respects to the META within the GPL (Rengar, Khazix, Lulu and Rumble recurring bans in the whole GPL series), However! the lack of a Graves ban proved detrimental for ASC as the first lock in of Graves for Levi just seemed to be the beginning of the end for ASC. GAM team composition offers long and medium range burst (Jayce and Syndra), semi-reliable long distance stun (Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow), absurd amounts of dueling damage (Graves) and speed boost utility, cc and poke (Karma)

Again, Levi proved to be a nuisance, punishing Viper at every turn rendering him near useless and under-leveled for a majority of the early game, Levi used the snowball advantage and a very aggressive gank path to setup kills across the map. Game 2 was where Optimus began to shine a little more but most of the heavy lifting was done by Levi to ensure victory conditions were met.

MVP(s) of Game 2 ; Levi on Graves with a KDA of 5 kills, 0 deaths and 7 assists and Optimus on Syndra with a KDA of 4 kills, 0 deaths and 2 assists.

Are you guys noticing the trend yet?

Let’s go to the 3rd and final game where GAM takes the oddball turn and decided to go full solo que on ASC………………..

Game 3 Draft
Noticed how I took a picture to properly reflect on the sneakiness of Levi? ANYWAYS! Game 3, marked ASC final chance to not only get back into the game but also garner the respect of GAM as their lack of winning was surely demoralizing. Looking at the drafts of Game 3, I was rather surprised at the caster’s desk to see a very Solo Que style team comp, certainly there is a lot of limitations in terms of DPS with this team comp that GAM has drafted, however, the inherent poke ability (Sona and Ziggs), crowd control (Kennen’s Splicing Maelstrom), roaming potential,mobility and damage (LeBlanc) and pure tilt inducing damage (Graves) meant that GAM has to have the advantage and secure it to win it.

This game proved a pub stomp for ASC as GAM closed the game with a whopping 9 – 20 game against ASC, cementing their dominance with rotations and jungle pressure, however, it was Stark and Optimus poppin’ off hard as their ability to delete champions made fights disadvantageous for ASC.

MVP of Game 3 ;  Stark on Kennen with a KDA of 8 kills, 1 death and 1 assist and Optimus on LeBlanc with a KDA of  7 kills, 2 deaths and 4 assists

Final Game Win for GAM

To close off, GAM knew from the start what to do against ASC, cause judging from their drafts against ASC, the Vietnamese team of GAM sang the tune and composed the orchestra to a beautiful symphony of destruction as ASC was left in shambles dancing clumsily to the tempo of GAM.

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