Are you tilting? Cos I am
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I’ll be talking about life in general here and be relating it to League of Legends as much as I can but man…. Tilt, what is tilt and how does this affect you in real life.


Everyone’s been through it and the definition of tilt can be described in more ways than one. However, before we categorize and go into details on what tilt is, let’s define the meaning (bear in mind, this is my own definition of tilt and I’m just sharing with you what I believe the word tilt means to me)


Tilt definition:“Being unable to control the circumstances around you when everything goes wrong, if it be due to the circumstances around you or by your own doing. It’s the feeling of helplessness, disappointment and being unable to control the outcome, that is the true definition of TILT!”


Let’s talk about the first situational meaning of tilt. When things go wrong due to the environment around you and it’s not really your fault (maybe). In League terms, it’s when your team is just feeding really really bad and you playing your role…it’s like you’re unable to stop the huge current going against you. This is probably the most common occurrence of tilt where you just can’t do #&*%^ and it’s just wasting your time and energy. It drains you in more ways than one.


In terms of life, let us take it in terms of university/collegiate level. You’re put into a group assignment where everyone has to contribute equally. You’re the kind of guy who just wants to do work and you really need to pass this paper. So you (usually a lazy ass person) do your work and you think everything is gonna be ok (you’re making an effort here which is something you don’t really do often). However, what happens next is when someone who talks a whole lot of crap and promises things to be done, he or she is the one that doesn’t deliver. Man, that feeling of sudden anger surging through your body. It’s just like when someone calls mid Yasuo and then feeds like crazy and yet still has the balls to do a lot of talking and blaming.


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Let’s move on to the next situational meaning of tilt and actually the one that hurts the most. It’s the feeling when you yourself is the cause and source of the negative outcome. God #$&^@ it hurts. Why does it hurt? Cos it probably bruised your ego. Yeah, let’s just take a moment to admit that. We’ve all gone through this feeling and it’s perfectly normal but it still doesn’t remove the fact that it happened to you.


Yes yes, it happens to us all. You got the role as an ADC and you pick your best champ Lucian. However, with every movement you make, things just aren’t going your way. The combos just don’t do enough damage and your opponent kills you and they survive with just 50HP left but what hurts the most is that this happens to you multiple times to the moment you just can’t brain it. What the heck am I doing wrong? Why isn’t this going my way!



In terms of life, imagine you’re trying to flirt with this girl, you try to impress her in the best way possible such as trying to show the best side of you but then you mess it all up somehow (maybe because you overlooked something, carelessness perhaps). You never expected it would happen, you probably figured it’ll happen in the future (maybe in a couple of months) but then it just had to happen today. Your reaction is just priceless…… you look like a dumb$#&^@ and you feel your self-worth dropping in an instant.



Whatever it is you do won’t be able to recover to the point you were with her yesterday or the day before. You feel worthless, stupid even to the point of just facepalming yourself a million times. What truly hurts is that you are the cause of this and you can’t blame anyone else because deep down inside, you know you #^%#@ up.


What do you do from there right? Your ego bruised, your plans destroyed and now you have to face the reality of life. The reality is that you are the cause of this and now you have to find a way to recover from all of this. Can you really do it? Can you really recover from this? If you’ve been in the situations above, then you truly know what tilt is my brother.


People around you will say it’s okay, it’s not the end of the world but you feel as if they don’t understand. It is the end of your world, your effort , your hopes and your expectations. Tilting is real, the pain is real but never forget, this is your reality and all you can do is just face it head on.


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