New Zac has an AoE Devourer?!
TinyTeemo explores one of the upcoming mid-season reworks: Zac!
PBE | May 2, 2017 | By TinyTeemo


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our spectacular Blobby Bruiser, the incredible Jelly Juggernaut, the Geletinous Giant, The Secreeeeeeet WEAPON: ZAAAAAC! (and the crowd goes wild!)

The Mid-Season update is coming up, this time focusing on tanks. Amongst one of the chosen to be reworked is Zac!

For the most part, Zac’s skills are still the same, his Cell Division [Passive], Unstable Matter [W] and Elastic Slingshot [E]  are still the same. He also uses the same mechanic, casting from his health pool and regaining health from his Goo. The changes are to his Stretching Strikes [Q] and the big, exciting change is to his [R] Let’s Bounce!

Without further ado, let’s get into the skill changes.



For those of you who still prefer to read in text form, I’ll give you a rundown of how the new Q and R work.

Zac’s new Q is a linear skill shot that will deal dmg and slow the first unit it hits, as well as attaching one of his arms to that unit, that unit is now Grabbed. Upon cast, his next basic attack will be get increased range and repeats the initial magic damage and slow and Grabbing that unit as well. If he grabs two units, he will slam them into each other, dealing additional damage in the process.

Zac’s new R has two cast methods. Once you activate Let’s Bounce!, Zac will turn into a flat blobby…thing, that slows units above him, while in this form you are immune to CC but still can be damaged. If you re-activate it immediately, or before 1 sec of charge time, Zac will jump up, knocking back enemies and dealing damage. If you charged for at least 1 second (you can hold it for up to 2.5 seconds) you will bring all the enemies standing on top of you to the target point when you activated R again.

Those are some screenshots of the skills but to truly understand how they work, I suggest watching this video!


From the PBE preview, I noticed that his damage output from his ulti was reduced significantly while his Q deals a little more than before but only if you grab two different units. This is a little situational, since his new Strectching Strikes pulls your two Grabbed units toward each other a set distance, it is possible to grab two units and not smack them into each other if they are too far away. On top of that, there might not be a second unit to grab, for example, in a 1v1 situation. The damage on his Elastic Slingshot was also reduced by a little bit.

The difference in damage between his old and new ult is pretty big, with the current one dealing up to 700+(100%AP) damage upon landing all 4 bounces on a unit. As opposed to the new ult only dealing 350+(70%AP) damage, almost half of the amount of damage the old ult could deal.

So what does all of this spell? In my opinion, Zac players should shy away from trying to build AP Zac as his burst is alot lower now. On top of that, his Stretching strikes is now a form of Hard CC. As such, Cooldown Reduction and lasting in teamfights should be his priority.

And with his new ult being able to reposition the enemy, he would a perfect fit for teamfight based comps. Examples of such Champions would be (in no particular order) Malphite Malphite, Amumu Amumu , Wukong Wukong, Yasuo Yasuo, Orianna Orianna, Nunu Nunu, Annie Annie, Miss Fortune Miss Fortune etc.

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