AD Kennen – The Rekkles Effect
AD Kennen, the number one pick for AD Carry in the current meta. What does Rekkles's build have to add into that?
Asas | May 3, 2017 | By Korra



The EU and NA LCS has just ended and we’re seeing new anti-meta Champion picks left and right (such as Lulu lulu Mid) and also the dominant prowess of Fnatic’s Rekkles with his Kennen in Bot Lane!

What makes AD Kennen such a threat in Bot Lane? Unlike Caitlyn and Jinx, he is more similar to the likes of Ezreal, that he pokes with his Q- Thundering Shuriken Thundering_Shuriken though since we are building AD Kennen, it won’t do much damage.

But it doesn’t matter! What matters with Kennen is his Passive- Mark of the Storm Mark_of_the_Storm and Auto-Attacks in accordance with his Attack Speed that makes him a devastating laner to contend with.

Now what builds do we actually have for Kennen? We have discovered two actually; Rekkles’s AD Bot Lane build and the anti-meta On Hit Kennen build.

Rekkles’ build is the standard AD Attack Speed build. We have seen during the third placement of the NALCS Finals how devastating a Kennen can be when he is in the carry role. He has the vital skills of any AD carry:- Pokes, Crowd Control and Escape Mechanism.


Attack Speed Kennen focuses the standard build that Caitlyn and Jinx would play. Prioritizing Blade of the Ruin King blade-of-the-ruined-king for it’s Lifesteal and then Runaan’s Hurricane ruunan for the attack speed and split damage. Another core item of Rekkles’s build is the Frozen Mallet frozen-mallet. Designated to boost Kennen’s Health Point and to catch with it’s slowing ability. After these core items Rekkles would have 2 situational items aside from his boots. The most common items to build would be the Mercurial Scimitar mercurial-scimitar and the Black Cleaver the-black-cleaver.  Hence we can see the full build of the attack speed monster known as Kennen Bot Lane.

Now we shift to the slightly different build of On Hit Kennen. The only relevant difference in this build is the core first item of Wit’s End Wit's_End. It gives the extra variety of Magic Resist in addition to the standard attack speed for more sustainability in lane. It means less damage from pokes coming from the Supports such as Karma and Zyra.

All in all, we know how devastating normal Kennen is, but add in an Attack Damage capacity together with the Crowd Control? He becomes a force to be reckoned with indeed! Don’t forget that while you may still have your skills of an AP champ, you don’t deal as much as before with them! It is critical in case you ever thought of jumping into a 4-5 men enemy mesh up only to forget you can’t do your – Zonya’s Hourglass combo!

Happy gaming, Summoners!

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