So You Want To Be A Shoutcaster?
Casters are responsible for translating the most relevant plays in easy to understand, bite sized information, how do you become one?
Komuniti | May 8, 2017 | By The Hound


Shoutcasters are the people who are the “voice of understanding and reasoning” of the game. Responsible for translating all the action that unfolds within the game into relevant and bite-sized pieces of information for both the casual audience and the hardcore League of Legends summoner.

Whether it is the play-by-play caster or the analyst/color commentator, both are equally important to better understand the high level of mechanics that can be seen at the highlest level of league of Legends and that is the professional competitive level.

So do you wanna be a shoutcaster?

The link to apply is here ;


Here is a few tips to get you started and make your audition easier!

  1. Annunciation is key to being a good shoutcaster

    Proper language is a given for any shoutcaster but proper annunciation and pronunciation of words are equally as important. Tone of voice is also something that needs to be taken into account so practice by recording yourself and listening to how you pronounce words

  2. Watch lots & lots of LoL esports

    YouTube is a very wealthy source of information for the initiated, knowing what to look and where to look for information is important, sop make sure to be up to date with what is happening with the current META and the drama that the wonderful world of League of Legends esports has to offer

  3. Listen to what other play-by-play casters and analyst say during games

    Notable casters like Phreak and LS always have very interesting concepts that they talk about during games they cast and they also come up with their own series of Patch Rundowns on YouTube, so make sure to listen to what they have to say, their insights and understanding of complicated game mechanics could add another layer towards your own understanding


    A general tip for anyone regardless of whatever job is to read lots and lots of books of differing genres, the more words and variety of sentences makes for a better caster!

  5. Have FUN!

    Most of the time, despite it being a job, it is very important to have fun while delivering a stellar cast, especially at live events for the audience to resonate from, remember, you are the voice of the game! So be an exciting voice and have fun!

That is general tips on how to get started, I hope to see you at the auditions and hopefully we can share a casters table and cast some stellar games!


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