Should League have Majors?
TinyTeemo discusses the Majors series Tournament in DotA2 and how League has the potential to execute something similar.
Komuniti | May 9, 2017 | By TinyTeemo



Every year, the competitive scene is filled with the hype from the buildup towards Worlds. But is that really enough? Is having one BIG competition at the end of the year all Riot is capable of? Most of you should be familiar with how the League of Legends competitive scene works.

In League of Legends, our tournaments go from the Country level to Regional and then finally, one big playoff: Worlds. There is a buildup and there is a rising order as teams play from quilifier to qualifier and then we have one last hurrah in Worlds!



Now, let’s take a look at our closest “competitor”, DotA2. In DotA2, they don’t have anything like “Worlds”, that is, a year-long circuit of multiple, tiered tournaments. Instead they have multiple, quicker tournaments that range from one to two weeks. The biggest tournaments, are The International and the Majors, which is actually a cycle of 4 tournaments held throughout the year: 3 Majors followed by The International. They are held annually during the Autumn, Winter and Spring culminating in the Summer event: The Internationals.

For example, last year DotA2 had The Frankfurt Major, The Shanghai Major, the Manila Major and The International 2016. These Majors were grand events, almost on the scale of The International, but not quite.


So, what’s stopping League of Legends from having it’s own cycle of Majors? Here is a simple draft of what this idea could be developed into. We could have an Autumn Cup, Winter Cup and Spring Cup!

The easiest idea to expand upon would be a Winter Cup. Throughout the Winter Cup, there can be limited period Christmas cosmetics, and various community based events that can players can participate in (with a small price, of course!). A portion of these purchases can go into the final prize pool for the Cup as well, letting the player’s efforts and determination contribute to the competitive scene.

Not only that, but having a planned and scheduled list of “big” tournaments means that Riot can plan each quarter year around those events. Players too can know what to expect throughout the year and plan around that as well. In general, I think having a Majors equivalent in League would greatly help the competitive scene, not only because there are more events, but also because there is a structure to it.

This is just a rough idea, of course, and all ideas and opinions here are mine only.

Disclaimer: this is just a for fun idea and discussion, I have no basis that Riot is planning anything remotely similar to what I have been talking about.

My name is TinyTeemo, and I hope you have a great time on the Summoner’s Rift!

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