World of Tanks – What Do They Need?
World of tanks- the items you need to start becoming the shield of your team!
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Welcome to the World of Tanks! (Just Kidding), it’s still League of Legends but with a touch of heavy dosage of testosterone and manliness! (Sorry Leona).  What are tanks? They are the vanguard of the team, the shield of many, the initiators of team fights to victory (or death). Simply put, they are the ones soaking up the damage while you carries do your job and finish the enemies off!


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The basic of basics for champions to tank with are those with high Health Points. They also have unbelievable amount of Armor and Magic Resist, making them a very hard shield to penetrate to get to the squishy carries. Their item builds too, lean heavily on them stacking up HP, Armor and MR. So in today’s review, let’s look at the standard core (and some situational) item builds for our much loved tankers!

The Standard Items of Tanks

The item builds for tanks are dependent on the team composition on the enemy side. If they have a lot of AD champs stacking up Armor and HP are the way to go and if there is a mix of AP Mid champs then stacking some MR is always a good idea.

dead-mans-plate Dead Man’s Plate – Always a good idea to get. The basic generic tank item that is ideal for soaking in AD damage while having the option to chase with DMP’s passive skill, Dreadnought. The momentum build up your movement speed by 60 at 100 stacks. An amazing item on any melee Champions, it has another unique passive of Crushing Blow, which allows at maximum momentum, the next basic attack deals 100 bonus physical damage and slows the target by 50% for 1 second. And yes, it is for melee champs only!

sunfire-cape Sunfire Cape – Has the necessary buffs needed to tank some more AD damage! This item not only stacks up your Armour and HP, but also has a unique passive of burning aura that deals 1229 (at levels 118) magic damage per second to nearby enemies. With a range of 300 span, it also deals 300% burning damage to minions and monsters!

randuins-omen Randuin’s Omen – Not every tanks build this (usually for lack of space for other crucial items), but it is a great addition when you are smack dab stuck right in the middle of team fights, at the perfect position to activate it’s unique skill! It slows the Movement Speed of nearby enemy units by 55% for 2 seconds (500 range), making it a perfect tool to catch as well as to ensure your carries can get away safely (usually sacrificing yourself of course, but hey, take one for the team!).

spirit-visage Spirit Visage – The early item to build when facing AP Top champs (or in many instance, to get ready for an already fat Mid enemy champ). However that’s not all it does, it gives a nifty extra boost to healing, regeneration and drain effects by 30%. The likes of Nautilus and Nasus gains major boost on top of their skill set.

locket-of-the-iron-solari Locket of the Iron Solari – Another situational item. We don’t often see this item being build by Top laners (mainly again; item constraint) but instead are more focused on tanky Supports such as Braum and Thresh. It’s unique active gives a shield yourself and nearby allied champions for 2 seconds, absorbing up to 35 (+35 per level) damage. It’s design is great for the early Bot lane sustain and initiates, making it suitable for the tanky Supports. 

guardian-angel Guardian Angel – The bane of all summoners to see on any tanks. It usually means that not only do you need to shave off a tank’s already heavy Armour and HP layer, they have to do it twice. It’s unique passive is that upon taking lethal damage, restore 50% of base health and 30% of maximum mana after 4 seconds of stasis. The standard core item of all tanks.


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All-in-all, while this article does not provide knowledge on how to play as a tank, we believe that those aspiring to be one should at least have the basic knowledge of what to build! The few final tips that can be given is to always keep an eye on the enemy champ that is fast power-creeping itself to be the main carry of their team. Be it AP or AD, the tank needs to be always ready and able to shield their team in team fights.

Happy gaming, Summoners!

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