PBE – Rift Herald Update!
PBE Update: The walking mass of destruction in lane. Broken or balanced? You tell us!
Analisis | May 16, 2017 | By Korra

rift herald

We’ve heard the rumors, we’ve seen the videos, and here he is! The new Rift Herald that has been circulating in and out of the gossip League circle is one of the mid-season biggest hit and some might say a game changer.

What makes it so? Well did you know that once you’ve slain the Rift Herald he can be spawned to fight for your team as an Epic Beast??? Yes that’s right! He can now roam like Annie’s Tibbers and wreak havoc in Summoner’s Rift.

rift herald crtoon

Imagine the big guy on your side can be reassuring as he retains his buffs and tankiness. In the latest PBE testing it seems as though the monster itself is set to make ground-breaking damage onset as it can break turrets in matters of seconds.

This makes the Jungling role even more crucial as the Rift Herald will only spawn pre-20th minute. Which means that a series of set up is required if a team wants to benefit from the new Herald then dominating the Top and Mid lane takes priority, especially taking into account one’s own Jungling lane.


We have a video of the PBE that showcases how powerful the new Herald is and believe us when we say: it is absolutely broken! Some has voiced out their concern on its damage output and even the few bugs that it has (like getting stuck in lane without being able to move and so on). Once you’ve watched it let us know what you think. Does it bring balance to the Rift or does it just make it harder for the lesser coordinated team to win with the presence of this new monster in lane!

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