SKT Champions of MSI 2017 Brazil
Did you really doubt SKT??
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SKT Wins MSI 2017 1


The finals of MSI 2017 showed us all that Korea still dominates the League of Legends eSports scene. They came in as the favorites to win and indeed has proven to critics that SKT are still the number one team in the World even after a major reshuffule of players coming in and out of the team.



SKT.Faker, the powehouse of the team and the number one player in the world showed viewers why the crown sits with him but it was his new team member that stole the show, SKT.Peanut. The young jungler showed to many why he is considered as the best jungler in the world with his epic plays using Lee Sin.



This is SK Telecom T1’s fourth straight championship finish at an international tournament and  their first since winning the World Championship in October of 2016. This is also SKT’s second straight win at the Mid-Season Invitational win. SK Telecom T1’s win is also notable because it is their first with their 2017 roster which included two new players (Peanut & Huni) neither of whom had won an international tournament before.



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Media Library of MSI Finals

Rio, Brazil

MSI 2017 1

MSI Championship Trophy

MSI 2017 Finals 2

Inside the arena

MSI 2017 Finals 3


Runner Up G2 Esports

MSI Finals 2017 6

Ronaldo and kkOma

MSI 2017 Finals 4

SKT After their victory!

MSI 2017 Finals 7

SKT-T1 Champions of MSI

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