Are You Shoutcaster Material?
3 essential traits of becoming a shoutcaster!
Aktiviti | May 30, 2017 | By Aiman Sabri

Shoutcaster Training

If you guys missed it early this month, Garena had announced on its official website that they are looking for new shoutcasters! What’s even more impressive is that they are even providing an entire shoutcasting course to individuals who see themselves fit to become shoutcasters (LINK). ┬áNow’s your opportunity to become involved in the eSports industry of Malaysia. They opened a total of 5 slots and it looks like there might still be space for you late comers!

Question is, are you shoutcaster material?



Language Fluency

One of the most important things of any job and especially that of a shoutcaster is language fluency and in this case, the mastery of the language of the west, English. If you’re going to be commenting, doing on the spot analysis and even make speculation of plays, you’re mastery of the language must be at a certain level. Sudden moments of silence from you (searching for words) would not only disrupt the conversation you’ll be having with your shoutcasting partner, you would also be disrupting the viewing experience of hundreds and thousands of people viewing online. Sounds like an easy thing to do, but when them nerves start creeping, you too will be at a loss of words.


Game Knowledge

Game knowledge is of course another essential matter when it comes to shoutcasting. A person who doesn’t truly understand the game cannot make the correct in-depth analysis during the game itself. So for this, I believe Garena is looking for atleast Gold 5 as to ensure the individual has a firm understanding of the game. Yes, many may argue that why Gold 5 and not Silver 1 and so on. What I have to say is, there is a line that must drawn and Garena believes that Gold 5 is it, thus there is no reason for us to argue. If your lower than Gold 5, suck it up and climb.


Analytical Skills

Yes, it’s true that you might be Challenger or Diamond but do you have the necessary analytical skills to watch a game and make in-depth analysis on the spot? Let’s just face it, some people are built to be professional gamers but they lack the necessary skills to analyze and most importantly, present the facts to the general audience. Prediction of plays, picks and bans are something which many people just simply can’t do. I myself dare not say I am confident in shoutcasting, can you?

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