Support Me Lulu!
The Fae Sorceress is fast becoming one of the most popular Support picks in the higher ELO ladder and here's why!
Strategi | May 31, 2017 | By Korra


Good day Summoners! Today’s article we shall review about LuluThe Fae Sorceress. She is one of the best end game support/catalyst since she brings incredible utility for her teammates. Lulu is a superb support and will be the best if your teammates are playing “Protect the Attack Damage Carry (ADC) Comp” with her abilities to kite, peel and harass the opposite team.

As seen in the recent MSI Cup 2017, Lulu has been a very popular pick for the Bot Lane as she is now the most viable Support available. The pick trend of the Professional League now comprises of both Lulu and Karma as a counter-pick.

Why We Need Lulu

Art by MizoreAme

Art by MizoreAme


As the other support heroes they are limited that bring CC but for that they make it up in certain ways. As for Lulu, her skills majority are CC and would benefit anyone in the team that has her. One of her abilities that is uniquely versatile is Q-Glitter Lance which slows down the enemy and damage them, with that she is capable of harassing the other team non stop and capable of zoning as well.

Lulu has 3 abilities that well throughout the game from early till the late game, which could be a turnover for the team. She can sustain very well with limited income as she relies on her abilities. When engaging the other team Lulu can trade effectively as she can deal magic damage with her Glitter Lance  and shield using her E-Help Pix! and increase their movement and attack speed with W-Whimsy for the ADC. Her tiny body is not to be taken lightly as it lets her multitask in an important cause!

Lulu goes well with any ADC as she has no specific combination that is too complicated when it comes to harass and sustaining the Bot lane. The exception is when there is a Yasuo in the team for that easy knock-up and Ultimate combo.

Lulu Chibi




Having a decent Lulu player in team is a definite plus for any ADC as they can be safely assured that they have the appropriate amount of shielding, attack boost and even a last minute protective charm of Lulu’s R-Wild Growth when it comes down to a beat down in team fights! As we see the meta shifts more and more to a movement/roaming capacity Support, Lulu’s definitely the girl you want to have your back in your climb up the ELO ladder.

Happy gaming Summoners!

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