TLC Summer 2017 Begins With A Bang!
Setting the stage for more to come!
TLC/Malaysia | June 5, 2017 | By abang dots

Week 1 Standing TLC

It looks like TLC Summer 2017 Malaysia had started last week with spectacular fashion.  This season, with the return of OzoraVeki, huge roster changes and new teams joining the fray, Malaysian audiences are set for a treat this summer.

As expected, the Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) have won all their games with ‘relative’ ease, owning up to their name as Kings of Malaysia. Second and Third place are tied with both Nirvana Gaming (last time known as Mineski-X) and Orange Esports Swestic (ORS) claiming the position where both teams won 3 games but faltering 1.

Point Calculation

Games for the Group Stages of the TLC are a Best-Of-2. This means that teams will play 2 games max per match. If a team were to win both matches, they would automatically receive 3 points. However if teams were to come to a draw in the Best-Of-2, both teams will receive 1 points each.

Don’t forget to catch the second week of TLC Summer Malaysia 2017 this Friday.

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